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1. Is my motor compatible with ProNav?
a. Click Here to see our Compatibility page
b. We are working on developing adapters for other popular trolling motors—please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for updates.

2. Is my phone or tablet compatible with ProNav?
a. Click Here to see our Compatibility page

3. How does the ProNav unit connect to my trolling motor?
a. See our installation video:

Click Here to see the full length, detailed installation video.

4. Do I need network coverage on my phone or tablet to use ProNav?
a. No, ProNav is designed to work off the grid in remote locations.
b. ProNav uses GPS and Bluetooth signals to wirelessly control your trolling motor on or off the grid.
c. A data or Wifi connection is required before hitting the water in a remote location to cache (save) maps on your device. The size of a selected map area will be shown, and cached maps can be deleted at a later time to free up space on your device for new maps.
d. Maps that were not cached in advance to hitting the water can be loaded using a data connection. This uses data at a similar rate to Google Earth or similar GPS mapping and navigation applications.

5. What mapping provider does the ProNav application use?
a. The ProNav app includes access to unlimited Google satellite imagery when connected to a WiFi network or data connection.
b. Navionics Boating can also be used alongside the ProNav app to provide high fidelity lake maps and the ability to create tracks, points, and routes that can be used by the ProNav Angler to control your motor.

6. How do I log into Navionics in the ProNav iOS App
Answer: To get logged into Navionics, you will need to log in using the same login in ProNav that you use in the Navionics App.
a. If you have not logged in before, you just need to create an account.
b. This can be done in the Navionics App by pressing the menu button, and the top bar will show whether you are logged in or not.
c. If you are not logged in, it is likely that you have not yet created an account.
d. From there, you can create an account, or log in using an existing account.
e. Then, simply use the same credentials in the ProNav App, and you should be all set. You should then be able to use the Navionics maps you have a subscription for as a layer.

7. What if my phone or tablet gets wet—is there a good solution to keeping my device dry?
a. Yes, there are many affordable phone and tablet cases that are completely waterproof, some of which even float! The fail-proof, low-tech method is an appropriately sized Ziploc bag, which will still allow full device operation even in the most adverse elements. More elegant case solutions are offered by manufactures including LifeProof and Otterbox.

8. What if my phone or tablet dies while I’m fishing—is there a good solution to keeping my device powered on a long day of fishing?
a. Yes, besides bringing a 12V phone charger on the boat, ProNav offers an 8,000mA auxiliary battery that can be used to power a phone or tablet all day long. Most modern tablets have comparable size batteries, which means the auxiliary battery pack can double the runtime of the device. Our own testing has shown that we can keep our devices going for at least 12-16 hours with the screens on for the majority of that time.
b. Your phone or tablet will discharge at a similar rate as would be expected during normal use. Bluetooth will need to be enabled on your device, which will impact battery life minimally.

9. My phone or tablet is hard to view in direct sunlight—is there a good solution to reducing glare on my screen?
a. Yes, there are many low cost screen protector options that reduce glare from direct sunlight and make it easier to view the device screen.
b. Phone manufacturers are making great progress on screen technology—some of the newer devices are very easy to view even in bright conditions. Before long device screens will far surpass even the most expensive marine electronics in resolution, clarity, and ease of viewing in all conditions.

10. Where can I get the ProNav app and what is the cost?
a. The ProNav app is a free download available from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.
b. Updates to the ProNav app and ProNav software are free for life.
c. Premium features may be available as in-app purchases in the future, but that will not affect any of the features that are offered currently.

11. How do I update my firmware?
a. See our instructional video:

12. Can I splice my power cable with my trolling motor cable or plug?
a. Yes! See our instructional video:

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