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ProNav Angler Troubleshooting

Quick Troubleshooting Steps

When troubleshooting your ProNav Angler follow the following steps:

Are you connected to the ProNav App?
The icon in the bottom left corner of the app should be blue in color. If it is gray, connect your app to the ProNav Angler and continue.

Does your ProNav/motor have power?
Make sure that your ProNav Angler shares a common ground with the trolling motor. The motor should have a test button to show battery level, if for some reason you don’t have this, check to verify that the ProNav Angler has a light in the middle of the logo.

6 Inches of Clearance!
From the base of the motor, your ProNav unit should have 6 inches of clearance. If you can’t get 6 inches of clearance contact ProNav for a head mount for the ProNav Angler

Calibrate! Calibrate! Calibrate!
Please watch the video above, if your unit has a bad calibration you will experience poor performance. Please re-calibrate your motor while on the water (away from a metal trailer or dock).

Check Connections
It seems too easy, but hey, we’re all human. Check to make sure all of your plugs are connected (foot control optional).

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