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ProNav App Troubleshooting

The ProNav Angler App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store as a free download. Your ProNav device will use this app as the base for controlling your motor (with additional devices like a foot control or Motion Controller available). Below is a basic FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide for your ProNav App.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips:

Are you connected to the ProNav Angler App?
If you look in the bottom left corner of the App you will see a connect button, if it is gray in color, click it to connect your ProNav Angler.

How do I get lake maps?
To access your Navionics lake maps, first go make sure you have the proper subscription (Navionics Boating App). Next go into your ProNav App and click “tools” then select the top option “Map Type”. This will allow you to select “Navionics” and sign in using your Navionics Username and Password.

Can I use the Trial Version of the Boating Navionics App?
No, Navionics requires your integration to be the paid version. The Navionics free trial is not compatible with the ProNav App.

Navionics iOS vs Android
Navionics has different subscriptions for iOS and Android. This means if you use an iPad and a Sumsung phone you would have to have the subscription for both iOS and Android to use both platforms. HOWEVER, if you have an Android phone and tablet or iPhone and iPad, you can use the same subscription for each device (iOS=1 subscription, Android=1 subscription)

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