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ProNav has partnered with Navionics to integrate their world-leading cartography into the ProNav™ Angler Mobile Application. With this Navionics integration, the ProNav Angler Mobile App turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful chartplotter device, which is an experience that is just like using a conventional GPS chartplotter or “fishfinder”. Using the ProNav Angler Mobile App, you can do all of the following:

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Highly Detailed Lake Charts
Navionics maps are extremely detailed, offering one-foot depth contour lines and details on underwater structures. You can use these maps directly in the ProNav App to plan your route. Using a Bluetooth connection between your mobile device and your ProNav Angler GPS autopilot, ProNav will automatically control your motor to follow the programmed routes while you focus on fishing. With the ProNav Angler mobile application, you are free to record and retrace any routes you create, as well as share them with your ProNav friends.

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When should you use Navionics integration?
Navionics makes high fidelity lake maps that can be useful for targeting productive fishing spots. When using the Navionics “fishing mode” (found under map options in the mobile app) you can target specific depth ranges. This mode highlights the desired depth range on the lake contour map, making it extremely easy to create points along a highlighted region and to identify similar structure areas to those that are producing fish. It is easy to find structures to fish using Navionics maps, and with the ProNav Angler, you an easily create a route around the area or use the Angler to anchor your boat on the sweet spot.

Why Do I Need the Integration?
The Navionics integration is not required to use the ProNav Angler system, however it does enhance the power of your tablet or smartphone by effectively transforming it into a fully-featured chartplotter at an extremely affordable price. You will be able to switch seamlessly between satellite imagery and lake charts at the tap of your screen. This can be very beneficial when targeting drop offs or other underwater structure. Navionics makes it easier than ever to find likely spots to fish, and with the ProNav Angler, you can easily create a casting or trolling route or use the anchor mode to position your boat precisely on the sweet spot.

How To Use Navionics in the ProNav Angler Mobile App?

  1. Download the Navionics Boating Marine and Lakes App to your device
  2. Open the Navionics app, create an account, and select your preferred subscription option (USA, USA & Canada, etc.) Open the Navionics app, create an account, and select your preferred subscription option (USA, USA & Canada, etc.)
    • Please note, Navionics does not allow their free trial subscription to be used in the ProNav Angler Mobile App, however the maps that you see in your free trial are the same maps that will be available to you in the ProNav Angler Mobile App with a 1-year Navionics subscription.
  3. Open the ProNav Angler Mobile App
  4. Click the “Live Map View” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  5. Click the “Tools” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (above the “Home” button)
  6. Select “Map Type” from the Tools menu
  7. Select the “Navionics” map layer
  8. Sign into your Navionics account when prompted.
  9. Your Navionics map layer should now be activated in the ProNav Angler Mobile App–when you zoom to a new area the map layer will download automatically (when a data or WiFi connection is present)

What About Sonar?
Interested in adding sonar capabilities to your new mobile chartplotter? With the additional purchase of a low-cost, wireless SonarPhone transducer from Vexilar, you can also use your mobile device to view the depth and find fish. However, one of the most exciting uses for the SonarPhone is to create your own lake maps for uncharted bodies of water instantly as you fish, thanks to SonarPhone’s integration with Navionics. To learn more, visit http://www.sonarphone.mobi/.