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Many of our customers are interested in how to introduce kids to fishing. Fishing with kids can be a challenge, but the ProNav™ Angler can help make fishing with children more successful and more fun. Young children need a lot of assistance as they are learning how to cast, set hooks, and reel in the big ones. Inevitably, there will be snags and tangles, and with ProNav, you can spend less of your time navigating the boat and more time helping the children with their fishing tactics.

Mike Abbott is a lifelong outdoorsman, and he has been fishing with his ProNav Angler™ for about a year now. This summer, Mike has been using ProNav while fishing with his three grandkids. Using ProNav helps him focus more on fishing with the kids, rather than driving the boat. Some features that Mike uses the most while fishing with his grandchildren include the Anchor Feature, Routes, and Go-to Anchor feature.

The ProNav Angler Anchor feature provides spot-on anchoring, holding your boat on an anchor point, regardless of wind, waves, or current. With the Spot-On Anchoring feature, it is easy to adjust your anchor point in a specific direction and distance, and it will even keep you on your anchor point in deep waters. This feature proves to be especially useful with children in the boat because no anchor rope, means no tangles with the rope and fishing lines. Mike uses this feature to keep his boat positioned on an exact location while he helps his three grandchildren learn how to fish. He will often plot a course to a new anchor point, and ProNav will take his boat there and set the Anchor feature automatically when it arrives. This allows him to move to new fishing spots effortlessly without having to pull in his anchor each time.

ProNav Marine and Navionics now have a partnership that allows ProNav users to access all Navionics maps directly in the ProNav App.  Navionics maps offer one-foot depth contour lines and details on underwater structures, which are truly invaluable for anglers creating fishing routes. When Mike finds a great fishing spot using Navionics maps, he can use the ProNav App to take him to the spot or he can create a route that ProNav will follow as he fishes. Routes like these can be created on or off the water directly in the ProNav App. By creating a route prior to fishing, all the work of driving can be done for you by ProNav, while you focus on rods, tackle, and catching fish!

Mike finds that the ProNav Angler “makes fishing with his grandchildren more fun because it allows him to spend more time helping the kids catch fish.” Using the ProNav Angler helps them to be more successful, and the kids always have an exciting time fishing with their Grandfather.

Tips and Tricks for Fishing with Kids

  • Be sure to scout for good locations before taking the children. If you have ProNav, you can use Navionics maps in the ProNav mobile Applicaton to find areas that have promising underwater structures, such as drop-offs, ledges, or rockpiles. A good fishing trip requires some planning to ensure the catch!
  • Be prepared to have children on board. Make sure you bring sunscreen, hats, jackets, sunglasses, life-jackets, and even snacks!
  • Teach the children as you go. Explain the various fishing tactics you are using, show them how to set a hook, and teach them what to do with the fish when they get it in the boat.
  • Always remind your children of safety measures, such as looking over their shoulder before they cast, especially if there is more than one child in the boat at a time.
  • Of course, never be frustrated with the children if a tangle or snag occurs, that is when the ProNav Anchor feature can help you have a stress-free time so that your fishing trip is a complete success. Let us drive, while you teach the kids to fish!