ProNav+ PowerPole MOVE Compatibility

Give Your MOVE an Upgrade!

With your ProNav+ App Subscription, you’ll have access to a full suite of app controlled autopilot functions. With Go-To Anchoring, Custom heading locks, and the ability to create and follow your own route, ProNav+ is the easiest upgrade for your PowerPole Move!

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Custom Easy to Use Routes

The ProNav™ Angler makes it easier than ever to create and modify unique routes on your favorite bodies of water.  Unlimited routes can be created on or off the water from your mobile device. Select points along desired routes in Live Map View, or with a subscription to Navionics, you can use Navionics maps and routes! The ProNav Angler Routes feature will keep your boat on course so that you can focus on fishing.

  • Create and modify routes from your mobile device
  • Use Live Map View to select desired points along route
  • Navionics Map Integration
  • Create and store UNLIMITED routes
  • Record, Retrace, and share routes with ProNav friends

GPS Vector Heading Lock and Compass Heading Lock

ProNav™ Angler Vector Navigation will keep your boat on a straight course by correcting for drift caused by wind, waves, or current. This feature is ideal for days where conditions are less than ideal but the bite is good.

  • Maintain a constant and precise speed and heading
  • Follow a constant course over ground (COG) with GPS Vector Heading Lock
  • Keep your drift at the perfect speed by using thrust control to select your speed based on thrust percentage
  • Adjust the Vector direction at any time using the mobile app, foot pedal, or compatible handheld remote

Spot-On and Go-To Anchoring

Regardless of wind, waves, or current, the ProNav™ Angler’s Anchor can hold a precise boat position to fit your needs. Anchor points are easy to select from the ProNav Angler mobile app Live Map View, and the Angler’s Go-To-Anchor feature can guide you in to a distant anchor point from any location. Unlimited anchor points and notes can be saved and shared with friends using the ProNav Cloud!

  • Rope-less anchor maintains exact position in wind, waves, and current
  • Set anchor point at a current position or choose an anchor point from Map View
  • Go-to-Anchor point brings you to any anchor point from any distance away, allowing you to get organized or rig up a new setup
  • Add key information and notes to anchor point
  • Save & Share UNLIMITED anchor points in the ProNav Cloud