NEW App & Firmware

Current ProNav Angler and ProNav Motion Controller users will be required to perform updates to their system before hitting the water. ProNav Angler users will not be able to operate their systems until the necessary updates are completed. Continue reading to learn more about these required updates. July 26, 2019—A critical firmware update will be […]

Why YOU Need a Motorized Kayak

Kayak fishing has taken center stage in the past couple of years in the fishing world, and with it the technology to make this type of fishing easier has came a long way. What started as a simple way to fish with one rod and a paddle has now become a way for skilled fishermen […]

In-Boat Phone Accessories

For some anglers, the thought of using their smartphone in the boat causes anxiety! With the threat of dropping your phone in the water, battery dying, or getting it all slimy after a nice fish, some might have second thoughts about bringing their phone with them when they hit the lake. But with recent technology […]

Make Your Boat a “Smart Boat”

Welcome to the world of “Smart” devices. Almost every person that you talk to in a day is operating some sort of smart device: smart phone, smart watch, smart TV, even smart cars. With all of these newly emerging technologies on the market, why are we stilling using the same old fishing gear? The technology […]

ProNav Angler Motion – A Brand New Way to Control

ProNav Unveils a Brand New Way to Control Intuitive, handheld controller unleashes gesture-based PointDrive™ technology for anglers! Houghton, MI – July 10, 2018 – ProNav Marine continues to innovate as a leader in boat control technology with the all new patent pending ProNav Angler Motion™. This revolutionary, industry-first gesture controller gives recreational and tournament anglers the edge […]

An App to Drive your Boat? How to drive with a phone or tablet!

Power of Mobile Computing The explosion of mobile and cloud computing in the past decade has ushered in an entirely new industry, often referred to as the “Internet of Things” or “IoT”. Today, many cutting edge products are being sold that have compatibility with a mobile app, greatly increasing the usability of the product. One […]

New Brand Ambassador Jason Suleski

We are excited to announce that Jason Suleski has now joined our ProNav Brand Ambassador team! Check out his bio: “I am a proud Marine veteran and advise outdoors person.  I grew up fishing in Wisconsin but my love for the sport has taken me from Florida to Alaska and all parts in-between.  I like […]

Chartplotter and Trolling Motor Autopilot Compatibility

Consistency Matters to Fishermen Anglers demand consistency and opt for familiarity when it comes to their gear and equipment, and for good reasons. Nothing is worse than being out on the water and having to learn how to operate a new fishfinder / chartplotter or having a new brand of superline that requires super complex […]

ProNav GPS Anchoring – How ProNav GPS Anchoring Works

Love it or hate it, technology has become a part of every fisherman’s life–one thing we can all agree on is that the rapid rate of innovation brings about continuous change and thus the need for continuous learning to our beloved sport. Chartplotters are getting bigger and more advanced, sonars practically draw the fish for […]

Kayak Fishing with Electric Trolling Motors and GPS Autopilot

Kayak fishing provides anglers with an affordable, simple, and effective way to target game fish on all bodies of water. As this style of fishing is gaining in popularity, kayak fishing rigs are becoming more advanced and more capable. Many kayak anglers are familiar with how an electric stern drive motor can make their day […]

New Brand Ambassadors

Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply to our Brand Ambassador Program! We are excited to announce that three new fisherman have signed on to our Brand Ambassador Team! Congratulations to Clark Creamer, Justin Harders, and SSG. Rob McQueen! Clark Creamer is a long-time kayak angler, with 3 boats, and soon to […]

ProNav Marine 2017 Season Technology Highlights

The fast-fleeting open water fishing season has seen a lot of hard work both on and off the water at ProNav Marine. This summer we have not only made the fishing experience easier but also added many additional capabilities for ProNav customers. We have implemented numerous product enhancements, increasing the overall stability of the ProNav […]