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Brenner, right, shows off fish caught using the Angler's Spot-On Anchor
Brenner, right, shows off nice lake trout caught using the Angler’s Spot-On Anchor

Jeremy Brenner, an avid fisherman from Eldorado, WI, recently started running a ProNav™ Angler on his 18’8” Misty River fishing boat. Fishing anywhere from Lake Winnebago up to the Cisco Chain of lakes, small inland lakes to the big open water of Lake Michigan, Jeremy has used his Angler extensively in a wide variety of ways. While his favorite species is likely walleye, Jeremy will often fish for panfish, crappies, bass, or lake trout in the same week simply because he enjoys the variety and challenges each species offer.

What did the ProNav Angler allow Jeremy to do? The single biggest improvement that he noticed when running the Angler for the first time was that it simply allows him to fish more. Whether vertical jigging in 100’ of water and staying on top of the school or fish, or creating and following routes, the Angler allows Jeremy to focus on where the fish are at instead of where his boat is at.

A great spot to use Angler's anchor, wouldn't you say?
A great spot to use Angler’s anchor, wouldn’t you say?

When asked about his favorite outings this spring, two experiences came to mind. The first was using the Angler’s Spot-On Anchor to sit over a school of lake trout while the Angler kept his line vertical, and Jeremy used his sonar to watch the fish come up to his jig. The second was pre-planning a route the night before an outing along a 7’ breakline in Navionics, and then importing it into the Angler on his tablet before heading out the next morning. Because the Angler was controlling the boat, Jeremy and his fishing partner were able to concentrate on getting the lines in the water without someone having to navigate, and he was able to show a much less experienced angler how to set up and get six boards in the water while the Angler held them on course. The experience was truly enjoyable for both of them.

That’s Jeremy’s story, ready to start yours?