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Captain Travis White, Co-Founder of ProNav Marine, is a passionate outdoorsman. Having grown up on the water, he spent much of his time learning to fish from his father. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to share his love and passion of the sport with others, obtained his Captain’s license, and started his own charter fishing company in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In addition to fishing, Travis has also worked as a Mechanical Engineer for several years. The ProNav™ Angler started as a personal project to fill his need for an easy-to-use autopilot system to help achieve greater success when fishing with his clients, and it has served this purpose extremely well. Now, Travis and the ProNav team are working hard to share this useful system with others.

The ProNav Angler has many exciting features that can be used in a variety of fishing adventures. One of these features is the Anchor feature, which proves to be extremely beneficial to fisherman like Travis who enjoy jigging for lake trout.  When jigging in deep waters, it is advantageous to keep the boat in a vertical position. The ProNav Angler makes it easy to do that, which is why Travis uses it when fishing with his clients. This makes it possible for everyone on-board to keep their focus on fishing.

Regardless of wind, waves, or current, the ProNav Angler can hold the boat on a precise anchor point, eliminating boat swing that is typical with a proper anchor line ratio, which allows the boat to move off course with even the slightest shift in wind.  In addition, the Angler makes it easy to adjust the anchor point in a specific direction and distance, making boat control the easy part of fishing. One feature that Travis finds particularly useful is the Angler’s Go-to-Anchor-Point function. This will bring you to any anchor point from any distance away and hold the boat in place once you arrive, eliminating the possibility that exists with a real anchor of getting hung up on the bottom or slipping away from your desired spot. When asked about this feature, Travis said, “The harder the elements, the more this function will shine, making fishing easier and more enjoyable.”

On guided trips, Travis uses the ProNav Angler to choose an anchor point on the map view or set an anchor point at his current location to keep the boat on top of the precise spot where fish are holding, eliminating the need to ever raise or lower an actual anchor. He has used the Angler in over 200 feet of Lake Superior water to keep his boat pointed into the wind, waves, and current while his clients drop their lines in search of that big one. The ProNav Angler provides him with peace of mind on fishing trips, knowing that his clients can fight their fish without ever snagging or losing one on an anchor rope.

The ProNav Angler also allows the user to add important information and notes to any anchor point. Unlimited anchor points can be saved and revisited in the ProNav Cloud. All of these controls are accessible through the mobile ProNav app, available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store. So, when Travis comes across a fishing hotspot, he often stores key information about his success to the ProNav Cloud so that he can access it again later for a future adventure. One last feature that Travis enjoys is that he can keep his best spots hidden, but share other productive anchor points with all his ProNav friends.

As Travis and the ProNav team like to say, “Keep the Focus on Fishing with ProNav.” Click here to read about more features of the ProNav Angler.