ProNav Feature

Easy to use routes

The ProNav™ Angler makes it easier than ever to create and modify unique routes on your favorite bodies of water.  Unlimited routes can be created on or off the water from your mobile device. Select points along desired routes in Live Map View, or with a subscription to Navionics, you can use Navionics maps and routes! The ProNav Angler Routes feature will keep your boat on course so that you can focus on fishing.

  • Create and modify routes from your mobile device
  • Use Live Map View to select desired points along route
  • Navionics Map Integration
  • Create and store UNLIMITED routes
  • Record, Retrace, and share routes with ProNav friends


Create Routes On and Off Water

With the ProNav Mobile Application, you create and modify routes from your mobile device before you even hit the water. Map data can be “cached” (saved) to your device over Wi-Fi while at home to be in remote, “off-the-grid” locations where mobile data is not available. When you are on the water, the Angler uses a Bluetooth connection with your mobile device to follow the route you created.

Navionics Charts Integration

ProNav Marine has partnered with Navionics, which means that you can now use all Navionics Maps with the ProNav Angler. Any routes you create can be stored in the ProNav Cloud so that you can retrace your routes and share them with your friends.

When should you use Routes with Navionics?

The Navionics layer makes it extremely easy to create points along contour lines and to identify similar structure areas to those that are producing fish. Once you have selected your route, your motor can be programmed in seconds to provide endless hours of hands-free fishing navigation. Using a Bluetooth connection between your mobile device and ProNav motor attachment, ProNav will automatically control your motor to follow the programmed routes you created. With the ability to create routes using Navionics Maps it is easy to let ProNav drive, while you fish.

Try the ProNav App

Download and try for free! Open app and click “Routes” button on home page. Press and hold to create route waypoints.

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