ProNav Feature

Spot-On GPS Anchor

One-Touch Anchor Keeps You Dialed In


Regardless of wind, waves, or current, the ProNav™ Angler’s Anchor can hold a precise boat position to fit your needs. Anchor points are easy to select from the ProNav Angler mobile app Live Map View, and the Angler’s Go-To-Anchor feature can guide you in to a distant anchor point from any location. Unlimited anchor points and notes can be saved and shared with friends using the ProNav Cloud!

  • Rope-less anchor maintains exact position in wind, waves, and current
  • Set anchor point at a current position or choose an anchor point from Map View
  • Go-to-Anchor point brings you to any anchor point from any distance away, allowing you to get organized or rig up a new setup
  • Add key information and notes to anchor point
  • Save & Share UNLIMITED anchor points in the ProNav Cloud

Easy to Use Rope-Less Anchor

The ProNav Angler has been designed to function as a ropeless anchor – it replaces a physical anchor by automatically adjusting the thrust and direction of your motor to keep you right on your desired anchor spot. It also allows you to easily adjust your anchor point. Either select an anchor point on the Live Map View, or set an anchor point at your current position. Let the ProNav Angler bring you to your desired position and hold you there once you arrive. If you find a productive spot you can easily store key information about it using the ProNav Cloud, where it can be shared with ProNav friends or be accessed again on a later fishing adventure.

Wireless Bluetooth Connection

The ProNav Angler uses a Bluetooth connection between your mobile device or tablet and the ProNav Angler GPS unit attached to your trolling motor. All maps, routes, and anchor points can be “cached” (saved) to your phone for use in remote, “off-the-grid” locations where mobile data may not be available. This also means no wires to run from your mobile device to the GPS unit.

When should you use Anchor?

The ProNav Angler’s anchor feature is great when fishing underwater structures, ie. reefs, rock piles, holes, weed edges, steep drop-offs, and other key fish-holding structure. Having a rope-less anchor, means that the rope and anchor cannot get stuck in logs, rocks, tree roots, etc. With the ProNav Angler Anchor Feature, there will be no anchor line for hooks and lures to catch/ tangle when fighting fish or with kids in the boat.

Regardless of the conditions, the ProNav Angler can lock on to underwater structures, keeping you dialed in on precise spots. Key pieces of structure can be located on Navionics Maps and high quality satellite imagery. The ProNav Angler Mobile App, available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store makes it easy to adjust your anchor points, direction, speed, thrust, and more. When you find a productive fishing spot, easily save key information about your success to the ProNav cloud.

Try the ProNav App

Download and try for free! Open app and click “Routes” button on home page. Press and hold to create route waypoints.

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