ProNav Feature

Sharing and storage

The ProNav™ Angler Mobile Application allows you to securely store unlimited information to the ProNav Cloud. Easily save your favorite fishing anchor points and routes for future access from any device that has the ProNav Mobile App. When you find a productive spot, ProNav makes it easy to share anchor points and routes with trusted ProNav friends.
  • All points and routes can be automatically stored in the ProNav Cloud
  • Access your data on multiple devices
  • Share points and routes with ProNav Friends
  • Points and routes are stored locally for use in remote fishing locations
  • Maps can be cached for access in remote fishing locations
Unlimited Storage

With ProNav, you can save unlimited notes on productive fishing areas, routes, anchor points, and more. Any of your saved information can easily be shared with you ProNav friends. In addition, all maps that you use can be “cached” or saved for access in remote fishing locations.

Using the ProNav Cloud

Use the ProNav Cloud to store information about highly productive spots. Some of the information you can save are routes, anchor points, and notes on the fishing in each location. This allows you to revisit places you have been before and make informed decisions on how to target the fish. With the ProNav Cloud, you can also share this information with our ProNav friends.

Try the ProNav App

Download and try for free! Open app and click “Routes” button on home page. Press and hold to create route waypoints.

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