ProNav Feature

Heading Lock

GPS Vector Heading Lock and Compass Heading Lock

ProNav™ Angler Vector Navigation will keep your boat on a straight course by correcting for drift caused by wind, waves, or current. This feature is ideal for days where conditions are less than ideal but the bite is good.

  • Maintain a constant and precise speed and heading
  • Follow a constant course over ground (COG) with GPS Vector Heading Lock
  • Keep your drift at the perfect speed by using thrust control to select your speed based on thrust percentage
  • Adjust the Vector direction at any time using the mobile app, foot pedal, or compatible handheld remote

What is the Difference between GPS Vector and Compass Heading Lock?

GPS Vector keeps you on the constant course over ground. In heavy wind your boat will align with the wind direction while the bow maintains position along the GPS Vector heading. Compass Heading Lock will keep you going in a set compass direction but will not keep you on a straight COG as a crosswind and waves may move your boat off intended course while maintaining the same compass heading.

Easily Maintain Constant Speed and Direction

Vector can be used to keep your boat following a straight line, or set your course for a distant landmark, and Vector will get you there! You can also set Vector on the Live Map View. Using Vector Navigation, it is easy to maintain a constant speed and direction, or follow a constant course over ground (COG). Adjustments to Vector direction can be made at any time, to help keep your boat on course.

Compass Heading Lock

Locks current compass heading. Motor will automatically adjust to maintain the set compass heading.

Try the ProNav App

Download and try for free! Open app and click “Routes” button on home page. Press and hold to create route waypoints.

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