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The ProNav Angler's robust feature set makes it a must-have for all fishermen.


Precisely follow underwater structure and shore lines at your desired speed.

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Control your drift direction and speed through thrust control and routing features.

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Spot on anchoring no matter the depth of water or the conditions surrounding you.

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Easily follow underwater structure, shoreline features, and contour lines.

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Our Standard Sets Us Apart

Everyone gets the newest features through in-app software and hardware updates.


The ProNav™ Angler mobile app is easy to use and allows you to quickly connect your smartphone or tablet to the Angler on or off the grid.

1. Search “ProNav Angler” in app store, download app
2. Open and click “Routes” button on home page
3. Press and hold to create route waypoints

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What Our Customers Say

  • 5
    I have been using this product close to 2 years now and as an experienced user let me tell you I am still in awe of this product! Anchoring, route setting, have the ultimate control algorithms at your finger tips (unlike some other brands). With ProNav I can manipulate route points on the fly by holding the route points down/sliding. Integrated Navionics maps let you toggle between contours and satellite view. Also works great in all wind conditions I've experienced (15-25 mph NO PROBLEM). I also use this product during duck hunts to help pick up decoys in deep water, and open water hunting applications. This is a very versatile tool for sure! If I had to do it all over I wouldn't change a thing. This product ROCKS!!
    This product ROCKS!
    Scott G.
  • 5
    I do a lot of bottom bouncing for walleye. With their iOS app they have Navionics integrated and I just plot my course along a depth contour and press go. Once I do that I can watch rods, fight fish, tie new rigs, etc. all with out having to mess with driving. When the route finishes I just reverse it and head back the other way. I use the mark feature every time I catch a fish and if there is a spot that seems to have a lot of marks I will often anchor at one of those locations with the ProNav and jig. If I want to move anchor points it is easy, no more making my fishing buddies pull the anchor every 5 mins, the ProNav just keeps me on point
    Perfect for walleye fishing
  • 5
    We have all had the issue of trying to mess with foot pedals to get on the right line. I am a bass fisherman and having the ability to plot my course on my phone and set my anchor at the touch of a button without having to set down my fishing pole has made buying the ProNav a no brainer.
    A Must for Bass Fishing
  • 5
    I really love the ProNav Angler. It has changed the way I fish. I plot a course and the ProNav handles the navigation so I can concentrate on the fish. It's easy to plot a route and the anchor feature is great for when you find the hot spot. The smart phone/tablet interface is intuitive and easy to use.
    ProNav Angler – a great tool
  • 5
    I strongly recommend the ProNav Angler to anyone considering it. The system is very easy to install. It only took me a couple of minutes to complete the install. Once installed it takes no time at all to familiarize yourself with the app. Being able to control all functions from my phone is amazing. My favorite two features are the routes and anchoring features. It takes no time at all to build a route then you just select go and off you go. The anchoring feature allows you to lock onto your fishing spot and not have to worry about boat position. The ProNav Angler has changed the way I fish and I am sure it will help you out as well.
    ProNav on Kayak is Amazing
  • 5
    I've been pretty happy with my ProNav, wasn't sure how I'd like having my phone on the boat, but I have not had an issue, since I just set it going, and put it away. Once rolling on a route, I usually don't have to touch it again until I get to the end. I go out crappie and bass fishing with my young kids often, and it really makes the experience better for all of us. I can spend the time helping them with their lines, and I can get some casts in myself. The new Navionics interface on Apple is pretty sweet, and I like how I can go between depth charts and satellite, as the weedlines, docks, and shallow structure are much easier to see on the satellite view. I also like how when I save routes, I can just scroll through them in the app, and visually see where they are at.
    Straight forward and Feature Rich

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