We Respect Paddling. We Also Enjoy Fishing.

Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of the fishing industry. With the growing participation from all skill levels of anglers, manufactures are delivering innovative accessories to this community at a rapid pace, allowing kayak anglers to fully customize and equip their personal fishing platforms. With options like rod holders, casting bars, electronics mounting brackets and transducer arms, kayak fishing has taken on a whole new face.

When people see a motor on a kayak they often times wonder why someone would want to take away from the simplicity that the kayak has to offer. Here at ProNav, our goal is not to take away from the sport of kayak fishing but to simply make fishing out of the kayak more efficient, effective, and comfortable.

What Do I Need?

A motor! ProNav offers Kayak Motor Bundles in numerous shaft lengths to fit your specific kayak needs. ProNav’s standard kayak motor bundle is a 12V, 45lb thrust Minn Kota PowerDrive motor, with our most popular shaft length being 36″ (32″, 34″, and 48″ shafts also available).

A bow mount trolling motor can be mounted to most fishing kayaks. You may have seen the plug and play kits that NuCanoe has to offer. These kits include a mounting bracket, a battery box, and all of the necessary wiring to outfit you kayak. ProNav has also worked with many customers to come up with custom mounting and installation options to meet their specific requirements. Contact ProNav if you have questions or need suggestions for installing a motor on your kayak!

In addition to the trolling motor, you’ll need a 12 volt battery that will keep you powered for a full day of fishing. ProNav also offers 12 volt lithium batteries that are lightweight, high performance, and easy to install on your kayak. ProNav recommends at least a 50 Ah battery to keep you on the water all day. Contact sales@pronavmarine.com to learn more about our lithium battery options. More information will be added to ProNav’s website soon.

The Benefits

Adding a bow mount trolling motor with the ProNav Angler offers many advantages to make your fishing more efficient.

Motion Controller– We know what you’re thinking, “Are you crazy!? There’s no way I’m using my phone on the water!” Now you don’t have to! With the all new ProNav Motion controller, you can use PointDrive and PointJog technology on your kayak, along with many other features so that you can dedicate your cellphone to the more important things… Like selfies with your catch. ProNav’s handheld controller offers full manual and automatic control of your trolling motor in a compact, floating, weatherproof device. Learn more at: https://pronavmarine.com/motion/.

Anchoring– Anchoring on a kayak can be a pain. Traditionally it involves some sort of attachment to hold the anchor, as well as the necessary amount of line to hold your kayak steady. In windy conditions or current, you can still get blown around and your anchor can tangle with unseen structure beneath the water’s surface.

With the ProNav Angler, you will be able to use your trolling motor to hold your exact GPS location at the touch of a button. ProNav instant anchoring will work to hold your position against any wind or current that you may encounter in any depth of water.

With the ProNav Motion Controller anchoring just got even easier! With the one-touch anchoring system, simply hit the anchor button on your controller and ProNav will hold your position. Adjustments are a breeze, point your controller and hit the PointDrive button to jog.

No more paddling in between casts to stay in one spot!

Routes– Using the routes feature will set you apart from any competition that you encounter on the water and make fishing solo a whole lot easier. Using routes will give you the ability to maintain your distance from shore when casting onto banks or structure. Paddling in between casts is just inefficient, especially when conditions are less than ideal. ProNav allows you to focus on casting and the finesse fishing that many anglers rely on. Whether you’re taking off to a shotgun tournament start or just looking to get to your first spot across the lake, the routes feature can be used to take you there while you tie your lure, get setup, or maybe sip coffee on those early mornings. The routes feature allows kayak anglers to focus on fishing rather than paddling away from the shoreline.

Manual Controls– We’ve all been there. At the end of a long day on the water, you look up and find that you somehow made it to the opposite end of the lake and have to paddle all the way back. ProNav allows you to manually control your motor to get back to the landing, saving you from the potentially hazardous situation of kayaking back in low light conditions and saving your muscles to fish another day!

Navionics/Live Map View– Having a sonar unit on a kayak is a great addition, however, not all units have mapping capabilities. With the ProNav Angler Mobile App, kayak anglers can get live map views with both satellite and Navionics options–this app transforms your phone or tablet into a powerful chartplotter! Using Navionics, you can create routes along 1′ contour lines or using satellite imagery, you can position your kayak along weed lines and other shallow structure so you can make the perfect cast. No cell service needed as you can download maps for offline use.