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We recently had the chance to go fishing with Brand Ambassador, Brent Johnson to see how he uses the ProNav Angler™ to target smallmouth bass around structures in Northern Michigan. Brent uses the ProNav Mobile Application, available on iOS and Android to create custom fishing routes before he fishes. Once he launches his boat, he can simply press go, and choose his his desired feature to begin trolling.  Brent chose to end his route with the ‘Anchor’ Feature, allowing him to anchor his boat at the end of his route. Since the weather was calm, Brent was able to slow it down and take his time fishing along the way.

Brent’s strategy proved to be successful as he pulled in some beautiful 16 to 17 inch smallmouth bass. During our trip with Brent, he told us stories of how he utilized the ProNav Angler’s ability to work offline during a recent trip he took to Kenora, Canada. It is easy to use the Angler offline, by simply saving (caching) routes to your phone, prior to hitting the water. When he came across a point where he wanted to fish, he could simply press ‘anchor’ to keep his boat in position while he fished, regardless of wind or current.

One thing that Brent enjoys about using the ProNav Angler is being able to seamlessly switch between using the ProNav Mobile appliclication features to control his boat and his foot pedal. On calm days he enjoys being able to use the extra control of his foot pedal in certain areas near structures, while still being able to maintain a general route with the Angler. He enjoys the ease of reeling in fish, without anyone driving the boat. He has found that, while using the ProNav Angler, “You don’t have to worry about who’s driving the boat. The boat is driving itself.”