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ProNav Marine is pleased to announce its partnership with Navionics, a world leader in marine cartography. Navionics has worked with ProNav to integrate their cartography into the ProNav Angler Mobile App. ProNav is the world’s first GPS autopilot system that can be easily controlled from the palm of your hand on a mobile device. With Navionics integration, the ProNav mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful chartplotter device, which is an experience that is just like using a conventional marine chartplotter.

Navionics Integration will be launched soon for iOS devices, with Android integration to follow. You will no longer be required to complete an export/import process from the Navionics Boating app to the ProNav Angler app–the route creation process will be streamlined into one place, the ProNav Angler Mobile App. With this integration, you can save routes and points on the Navionics mapping layer directly in the ProNav App with an active Navionics subscription, starting at just $9.99/yr.  Once routes have been created on Navionics maps, the motor can be programmed in seconds to provide endless hours of hands-free fishing navigation. Using a Bluetooth connection between your mobile device and the easy-to-install ProNav Angler GPS autopilot, ProNav will automatically control your motor to follow the programmed routes while you focus on fishing. The ProNav Angler mobile application allows you to record and retrace any routes you create, as well as share them with your ProNav friends.

Navionics maps offer one foot depth contour lines and details on underwater structures, which are truly invaluable for anglers creating fishing routes. When using the Navionics “fishing mode” (found under map options in the mobile app) you can target specific depth ranges. This mode highlights the desired depth range on the lake contour map, making it extremely easy to create points along a highlighted region and to identify similar structure areas to those that are producing fish.

Navionics maps can also be used with the ProNav Angler’s Spot-On-Anchoring feature and Vector Navigation. The ProNav Angler’s Anchor can maintain a precise position to fit your needs, regardless of wind, waves, or current, and the Go-to-Anchor point feature will bring your boat to any anchor point from any distance away. Anchor points can be set at a current position, or chosen from Map View. The Angler’s Vector Navigation will keep your boat following a straight line on a course over ground (COG). Vector will correct for drift caused by wind, waves, or current and keep your boat on course in a constant speed and direction. Adjustments to the Vector direction can be made at any time. These features can all be accessed in the ProNav App.

ProNav is one of the first companies to partner with Navionics to use their NEW mobile SDK for 3rd party applications. When paired with the many useful charts, data, and maps offered by Navionics, the ProNav Angler can be an extremely powerful tool to find productive fishing locations. Together Navionics and ProNav, make it easy to navigate waters, both large and small. Let us drive, so you can keep your focus on fishing.