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The ProNav™ Angler offers a feature set unmatched by any single product on the market today, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a professional level autopilot and navigation system. The Angler is designed specifically for fishing and is loaded with features that fishermen will appreciate.

  • Create and follow routes on the fly
  • Use your motor as an anchor
  • Share and store anchor points and routes
  • Plan or modify routes both on and off the water
  • Track your trip on your mobile device
  • Access your data from multiple devices
  • Cellular service not required to operate, full functionality off the grid


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The ProNav™ Angler offers a feature set unmatched by any single product on the market today, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a professional level autopilot and navigation system. The Angler is designed specifically for fishing and is loaded with features that fishermen will appreciate.

  • Create and follow routes on the fly
  • Use your motor as an anchor
  • Share and store anchor points and routes
  • Plan or modify routes both on and off the water
  • Track your trip on your mobile device
  • Access your data from multiple devices
  • Cellular service not required to operate, full functionality off the grid

One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee
We’re so confident that using a ProNav System will improve your fishing experience we will extend your return window to receive a full refund to one full year! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within one year we will buy it back!  Registration within 30 days of purchase is required. Satisfaction guarantee is applicable to the ProNav Angler and ProNav Angler Motion products only (excludes all other ProNav or third-party manufactured parts and accessories).  ​

Return Policy
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any ProNav manufactured items within 30 days of receipt. We will gladly provide a full refund of purchase price, excluding shipping if applicable. ​

** IMPORTANT NOTE–Third-party products available for purchase through ProNav Marine, specifically Minn Kota Motors and Accessories, are NOT covered under the ProNav Return Policy or Satisfaction Guarantee and are NOT subject to ProNav’s Limited Warranty. All third-party products are supplied and shipped through an independent Minn Kota dealer and are subject to the terms and conditions of this supplier for all returns and exchanges.

ProNav Limited Warranty
All ProNav manufactured products are warrantied against defects for 2 years. If you have any problem with your ProNav system, contact us. We’ll go out of our way to make it right! ​


30 reviews for ProNav Angler

  1. Neil Bullock

    I purchased a used v2 powerdrive motor motor and added the ProNav unit about 6 months ago. Have about $1k invested and have more functionality than others who have spent 3 times as much. Waited till now to post a review after I used it for a while. In short, the ProNav is a game changer and I recommend it highly. It was easy to install and all of the features work well. I can attest to the excellent customer service reported by others. Five stars, no regrets!

  2. Brian G Rockwell

    Received the unit 3 days ago. What a game changer, love it and don’t see me ever being without one on any boat I own. Great response and super fast free shipping.
    Thank You ProNav team

  3. Todd (verified owner)

    Wow, just wow!!
    I’ll try to shorten this review. I fellow fisherman and I both ordered the ProNav Angler. After receiving mine, I quickly read the instructions and rigged it on my V2 trolling motor. I hit the water and it did not work. After numerous emails, phone conversations, rerigging, and diagnostics sent, the ProNav support team somehow concluded the the head of my trolling motor was turned around 180 degrees. A quick fix and now, this is the best addition to my boat. I have recommended this to everyone I talk to. Not only does this exceed all expectations, I have never in 52 years seen customer service of this caliber!

  4. Brett Schmidt

    After a few issues in getting the unit hooked up, questions that were answered quickly by the staff at ProNav, I was able to get the unit running on my 24 volt 70 powerdrive motor. The unit was very easy to set up and worked very well from the outset. The motion controller is a very nice feature for having to have your phone or tablet out all the time. When anchoring the point jog was very helpful to move over slightly. I would suggest that the unit move more than 10 feet per click to say 50 feet per click. Just a suggestion. Overall I am so far very satisfied with unit and recommend it to others.

  5. Kenneth Yarbrough (verified owner)

    The ProNav Angler is awesome! Easy install and the app and remote are becoming easier for me with use. Just go ahead and get the remote package deal because you know you’re going to want it. I can fish a lot more now and not worry about boat position. I love it!

  6. Matt H

    I just got it and am impressed so far. Easy to hook up. The only thing that I wish was different is that the long cord that goes from the control until, to the gps was different. If the GPS had the long end and the control unit had the short end it would allow you to tuck the control unit under the bow of the boat, then you could just unhook the connections when removing the trolling motor and leave the gps unit on the motor with the cord through the spiral trolling motor cord. Thus not having the control unit dangling or having to pull the wire from the spiral cord. Other then that it’s a sold until and can’t wait to get more time using it.

  7. Pascal. L (verified owner)

    So far so good i have used the Pronav Angler only once but i was surprised how easy it was to install, pair with the app and easy to use on water. I strongly recommend this product if you want to spend more time fishing and less time steering.

  8. Ryan Bennett (verified owner)

    My wife and I are very excited to get out on the water with the new pronav angler! The product arrived very quickly and the install on this product was very simple. Thank you for the great customer service!

  9. Wes B

    Trolling for Kokes- first time out I was able to fish 4 rods(2 stacked), had my wife and dog in the boat, and really enjoy myself.
    !Read the instructions, watch all the videos on youtube(very informative and important)!
    I was planning on spending $3k-$4k on equipment someday that would do what this does.
    I purchased the pronav, motion, and PD V2 upgrade. Install was simple, it took me a couple hours after work during the week.

  10. Marty

    This product is a game changer. Really fast and easy installation. My favorite part so far is creating trolling routes from my couch the night before fishing. The integration of Navionics is awesome! Highly recommend ProNav Angler!

  11. Mark Hamilton

    Best customer service ever. They walked me through troubleshooting a problem. When it turned out to be a bad cable I received a new one in 2 days. They also sent a paid ups label to send back the defective parts. Will update once I get on the water.

  12. Greg kerkes

    This pronav is the best upgrade I’ve ever put on my boat…. this bad boy is worth every penny I’m telling all my boating and fishing buddy at work that they need to get one. I wish I would have found this product years ago… I love how I can sit on my couch the night before my fishing trip and make all my routes for that day of fishing this thing is awesome

  13. Jonathan Baum

    So far, ProNav has given me a lot of support.
    Great help, can’t wait to see how this thing works on the water

  14. Mike B

    I have a 16 ft tracker with a minn kota v2 and was looking for another way to use the motor without sitting in the seat and using the foot pedal.I did not want to purchase another 2500 dollar plus trolling motor.Saw pronav and ordered.It was very easy to set up,and the cords are long enough to route down to my battery with no problem.I purchased the remote control because I have a hard time seeing my phone in the sun and figured that would be easier and it is.I have not used all the features yet but love the spot lock and that is mainly why I bought it.I look forward to using all the features of pronav this fishing season and im sure this will change the way I fish for the better!!

  15. Evan

    Best add-on for a trolling motor out there! Every feature has its own amazing benefit! Fishing will never be the same. And that’s a good thing!

  16. Bethany

    Works amazing! Customer service is great too. The anchor mode is the best thing ever when fishing out of a pontoon boat

  17. Kurt Mann (verified owner)

    I purchased the Pronav Angler and Motion combo in Feb to fish TN rivers and reservoirs. After four times on the water, I recognize how this will help me focus on fishing. With the aid of routes, vectors, and point jog, very little time is spent managing the boat. It addresses boat control as good as I can (or better). Other than occasionally looking up, I am focused on fishing. Installation of the Pronav Angler took about 15 minutes. The combo package offers significant capability so some time is needed to learn all that can be accomplished. The Pronav Angler combo is a great product and probably the most significant improvement I have added to my boat.

  18. Joe C

    I purchased the ProNav combo setup last July 2020 consisting of the Minn Kota Powerdrive 70 lb thrust with the ProNav Angler. I put it on my 17 ft. bass boat and within a four hours had my old one replaced. The setup proved to be just as good as I was expecting. I did have some questions on things I wasn’t sure about and contacted the ProNav Marine support group and their reponses were very quick and clear, usually sending literature after talking to them. I am retired and live in Texas where we have a lot of good fishing on the Colorado River’s Lake Travis so it has been used quite a bit and had no problems. It allows me to go to the lake and drive the path I want to fish making a Trail and then converting it to a perminent route with a click on the app.. While making the trail I can include markers for hot spots. Another way I have used it is sitting at home laying out the route on my tablet or phone apps. The anchoring and vector operations are very handy. I recommend the Support, Warrantee and product 100%. I am adding a Motion Controller to my setup.

  19. Beau Zumbusch

    I have been following ProNav for years and finally took the dive and purchased one. I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner! It has taken all of the headaches out of trying to drive the boat when we are fishing. Having the ability to chart out a course while at home preparing to fish is outstanding. The best features are creating routings and using the anchor function. In friends boats, I’ve tried other systems and the useability of ProNav is leaps and bounds ahead of others. My first time out in seconds, I was creating routes, anchor on my favorite spots, or create a heading lock to follow a contour. Could not be happier with the purchase! Thank you ProNav!

  20. Austin

    Just bought my ProNav this spring and have loved every minute of using it. The app is flawless and easy to use. I love the offline satellite maps for drawing routes. I was skeptical of the accuracy of the gps compared to the satellite image where I made my routes/waypoints, but it is insanely accurate. I take my 3 year old son out in the boat regularly, and between trying to drive the boat, rig lines, untangle lines, and remove fish, it was almost impossible. The ProNav has freed me up of driving the boat so I can focus on fishing with my son now. Spot lock holds great in all kinds of wind which impressed me a lot. I had a couple small self-inflicted issues the first couple times I used it, but the pronav team was able to help me out very quickly and efficiently. 10/10 recommend.

  21. Todd Forth (verified owner)

    I’ve had my ProNav Angler for about 2 years. It’s an awesome product! Towards the end of last year, my unit started to act a little funny. Mostly, I was having issues with the anchor feature not working properly. ProNav worked with me and we thought the problem was corrected. This year the issue was back, but a little worse. They worked with me again and when we couldn’t get it figured out, they had me mail it back. Inside of 1 week they had a new GPS unit in my hands. It is back to working flawlessly! I should also mention that every time I reached out to them I was taken care of immediately. This company actually cares about their customers. Any product can have issues, no matter how well made it is. What sets a great company apart is how they handle it. ProNav is a top notch company with a fantastic product! I couldn’t be happier.

  22. Scott Olson (verified owner)

    I just purchased the ProNav Angler and I a blown away. Not too long ago I purchased a Tracker boat that came with a Minn Kota Powerdrive and no way to upgrade it. Then I found this product. It took my foot controlled trolling motor and made it into a Fishermans dream. After I installed it I took it out for a quick test drive and it was super windy. The Anchor lock held with not problem…the routes function worked equally as well. I have the Navionics maps and followed a 36 foot contour with a route….it anchor’d me at the end and then I reversed it. Worked like a champ. I also purchased the motion controller…it worked as designed however my only complaint would be that there’s very little documentation on how to use certain functions. You can find some of it in videos here and on you tube but I still feel I haven’t unlocked the potential of the remote. That said, overall, I love this product. It has taken an inexpensive trolling motor and made it into a full blown top of the line fishing machine.

  23. Jason G

    I love this thing. I bought my unit a little over a year ago and it has been nothing short of amazing. Being able to follow submerged structure for crappie or bass and to select the speed is awesome. In Summer I fly fish a lot for bream and being able to set the trolling motor to a very very slow speed really helps. If I get a bream to hit the fly I can hit the anchor button on the remote and play the bream in and then continue or keep the boat anchored with the trolling motor and fish that spot more if I think there’s a bream bed there. Wish I had this a long time ago. Thanks.

  24. Craig MacDonald

    I’m not one to normally write a review, but I’ll make an exception for this product. Last year I purchased a new boat and was faced with the problem of updating the trolling motor or finding some other solution to make the existing Minn Kota “Smarter”. I came across the ProNav Angler almost by chance by doing some research online. I immediately contacted them and spoke with both Travis and Neil and together we sorted out what steps I needed to take to “upgrade” my trolling motor. I simply switched out the main board on my Powerdrive V1 making it a V2 and then added the ProNav Angler. I now have the features only found in motors that are several thousand dollars more at nowhere near the cost. The installation is very straightforward, I simply followed their YouTube video and had it installed in 15 minutes. I do a lot of my fishing solo on Rice Lake in Ontario Canada and up towards the dam the current can get quite strong, but with the anchor tool I can just sit in a spot and focus on fishing not on re positioning the boat. In mid summer the lake can get very weedy and I found myself using the vector function a fair amount as well. I would just find the edge of the bed set the speed and the vector and work the entire section of it. The ability to revert back to the foot pedal is also nice to get in close to docks if the fish are in tight. I use the app to plot nav points around the many islands in the lake and then the ProNav angler just follows that route at the speed I tell it to. With the release of the contour mapping for IOS and soon to be for Android, I’ll have another option to use if the fish are holding on the drop offs or edges. If there really isn’t anything wrong with your trolling motor I’d seriously take a look at the ProNav Angler. Save yourself a ton of money and add 21st century technology to your current setup.

  25. Corey Post

    Best GPS add on you can buy hands down! Love my Pronav and show it off proudly to everyone!

  26. Ken Goodman

    This product is incredible. It does everything I need it to do and it’s reliable. It’s well made with strong wiring, a strong housing and it’s easy to install. It holds up navigating me against the strong currents in the St. Lawrence River as well as the nasty Upper Niagara River currents. Awesome for walleye, trout and salmon trolls as well as for hugging weed lines for pike. Use the anchor feature to hold over hot bass spots or route along the cat tails to just pummel the bass with top water frogs or plastics. No matter how you like to fish, spend more time fishing and less time dancing on your foot pedal or behind the wheel of your boat. Love this product. Love the team that built and supports it!!!

  27. Mike Dault

    I love my pronav! Greatest innovation in boat control since oars were invented! I visited the office of research and development today. What a great experience. Great guys and now, soon to come ….a hand held remote! I ordered one and can’t wait to use it. Thanks guys!

  28. Jeremy Roussel

    Great product. Love that I can map the course and it Goes same every time. Its a great product looking forward to see whats next.

  29. Yakin4Bass

    I strongly recommend the ProNav Angler to anyone considering it. The system is very easy to install. It only took me a couple of minutes to complete the install. Once installed it takes no time at all to familiarize yourself with the app. Being able to control all functions from my phone is amazing. My favorite two features are the routes and anchoring features. It takes no time at all to build a route then you just select go and off you go. The anchoring feature allows you to lock onto your fishing spot and not have to worry about boat position. The ProNav Angler has changed the way I fish and I am sure it will help you out as well.

  30. Scott G.

    I have been using this product close to 2 years now and as an experienced user let me tell you I am still in awe of this product! Anchoring, route setting, vectoring….you have the ultimate control algorithms at your finger tips (unlike some other brands). With ProNav I can manipulate route points on the fly by holding the route points down/sliding. Integrated Navionics maps let you toggle between contours and satellite view. Also works great in all wind conditions I’ve experienced (15-25 mph NO PROBLEM). I also use this product during duck hunts to help pick up decoys in deep water, and open water hunting applications. This is a very versatile tool for sure!
    If I had to do it all over I wouldn’t change a thing. This product ROCKS!!

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